Rodrigo Rego

Board game designer

Camisa 12 / 12th Man Dijon Jogos - 2021

Camisa 12 is a 2-player tile-laying game in which you play as the fans of a football team during a match. You have to fill your side of the stadium with flags, songs and fireworks to push your team to victory.

It comes with 32 teams, each with powerful abilities that match what the team is known for and completely change your strategy from game to game.

This is a game more about the culture surrounding football than about the match itself. In Brazil, the team you support is part of your identity, and Camisa 12 gave players the chance to influence the score of a game by doing what they already do when they go to a stadium. That’s why players connected to this game in a gut level even during the playtesting phase.

Each team has its own nickname, jersey and a unique special. This was not only a long and detailed research project to make sure no team was misrepresented, but also, being a football fan myself, a deeply satisfying and emotional one.

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