Rodrigo Rego

Board game designer

É Top!? / Is it Top!? Grok Games - 2021

Co-designed with Leandro Pires

Every round there’s a Top 10 list (”Most produced fruits in the world, “Countries with most castles”, etc) and on your turn you must guess one of them. Got it wrong? No problem, as long as no one challenges your guess.

Oh, and you can only win by challenging other people’s guesses, not by being right on yours.

Is it Top was a big hit in Brazil, and less than a year after it was launched, generated 2 independent expansions: Is it Top Nature and Iis it Top Geek & Pop, with more focused categories.

It was also my first published collaboration with Leandro Pires, born out of our mutual passion for trivia games. Our main challenge was to create Top 10 categories with multiple plausible answers, so that you could always think of something to say, and challenging would be tough.

Besides the main hook, I think the super easy rules, no need for a table and the ability to handle up to 10 players made the game very popular also among non-gamers.

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