Rodrigo Rego

Board game designer

Savernake Forest Devir - 2023

In Savernake Forest, you’ll build tracks in the woods so that your animals can find their favourite foods and store them to spend the winter. You must also enlist the help of animal friends in order to increase the storage capacity of your animals and let them enjoy more kinds of food.

When designing this game, I was purposefully trying to get out of my personal style: I wanted to make a non-confrontational, breezy game. I also think this is, from all my tile-layers, the most intuitive and easy to learn.

Another thing I love about Savernake Forest is the double-draft: when you select a tile, you also select which of the 4 animals will help you on that turn. It's a simple way to add depht to the draft, as proven by games like Cascadia.

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